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On Extraordinary People and American Women’s Reproductive Duties

Yesterday, by way of defending Rep. Todd Akin (who claimed that women’s bodies will magically not get pregnant from rape, but whatever), former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee noted that in fact, rapes have yielded some downright terrific folks! Like gospel singer Ethel Waters, and Huckabee’s mentor, James “God’s Hit Man” Robison: …[E]ven from … Continue reading


15 Rape Jokes That Work

Lindy West, Jessica Valenti, and Jonnie Marbles have already written everything I would have to say, and quite a bit more, about the latest Daniel Tosh rape joke controversy. So here’s what I have to add to the conversation: an even longer list (including some mentioned by Lindy, Jessica, and Jonnie) of rape jokes that … Continue reading

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The Return of the Petite Prick: Could small cocks make a comeback?

(Title stolen from Jessica Valenti. Most of the non-penis-related words below stolen from Simon Doonan, because COME ON.)  The larger dick became the norm around the turn of the century, and it shows no signs of deflating. Radical cock augmentation is now ubiquitous, according to me, and to hell with the consequences. So what if … Continue reading

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The Media’s Groping Problem

Regarding the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting divorced, in part because he fathered a child with a woman not his wife, Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic writes, “I’ve yet to encounter anyone surprised by the news. It’s because we remember. Eight years ago, on the eve of the special election that won him the statehouse, the Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Watch Rep. Speier and Rep. Moore Teach Some Old, White Men a Thing or Two

I didn’t get to watch the debate about defunding Planned Parenthood (and other providers of reproductive healthcare) last night, but based on the live tweeting I saw, I couldn’t wait for the videos of Gwen Moore and Jackie Speier to circulate. Both of these short speeches illustrate so clearly why we need women’s voices in … Continue reading


A snowy day project

Awesome person Kathleen Richter drew this poster for an imaginary movie about ass-kicking feminists — and I’m one of ‘em! — back around the time of Moore and Me. And now it’s available in coloring book form! What better way for feminist parents to start indoctrinating their children? (Ha ha, just kidding. If they’re old … Continue reading