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How Thick Is Your Bubble?

“As the new upper class increasingly consists of people who were born into upper-middle-class families and have never lived outside the upper-middle-class bubble, the danger increases that the people who have so much influence on the course of the nation have little direct experience with the lives of ordinary Americans, and make their judgments about … Continue reading

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The Return of the Petite Prick: Could small cocks make a comeback?

(Title stolen from Jessica Valenti. Most of the non-penis-related words below stolen from Simon Doonan, because COME ON.)  The larger dick became the norm around the turn of the century, and it shows no signs of deflating. Radical cock augmentation is now ubiquitous, according to me, and to hell with the consequences. So what if … Continue reading


You are awful, too

So, I’m moved to blog for the first time in ages by something Rebecca Watson said in this post. It’s about a 15-year-old girl who posted a picture of herself (holding a Carl Sagan book) in the Reddit atheist community and–unsurprisingly to anyone who’s ever been female on the internet, or paid the least bit of … Continue reading


New Rule for Non-Americans

If you note the American tradition of taking leftovers home from restaurants in the same breath as you express shock and horror at our portion sizes, you have forfeited the right to get all, “This is why you’re fat, dummies” about the portions. People who have never eaten out in the U.S. can perhaps be … Continue reading


CHF Week One Wrap-Up

As I was sitting in the Chicago History Museum’s Rubloff Auditorium on Saturday, waiting for Michael Taussig’s talk, “Beauty and the Beast: The Monstrous Side of Plastic Surgery,” to begin, I realized that one small thing I’m really loving about the festival is the opportunity to see all the different theater spaces I never knew … Continue reading