Yes Means Yes! and Feed Me are out!

ymyreadingHere’s me reading in Cambridge, MA, last week to promote Yes Means Yes! Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape. 

The reading — also featuring Jaclyn Friedman and Toni Amato, and hosted by the kickass Center for New Words — was fantastic, except for the part where I literally fell on my face four times. Jaclyn says there were close to 200 people, and it was a phenomenally supportive crowd. Would that all readings were like that — I’d take a sprained ankle every time as a trade-off.

Anyway, what this means is that Yes Means Yes! is out there in the world now, so you should go buy it! 

Even better, so is Feed Me! And soon, I should have info about a Chicago reading in support of that, also featuring Wendy McClure and Joan Fischer.

In other news, I have set a personal goal of only appearing in anthologies with exclamation points in the title.

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